The summer of 2020 brought the inspiration to create the Astrology for Healing 2021 giving event. As many small businesses in our local communities suffered severe losses as the need to quarantine during this year’s pandemic was important as the safe course of action. This idea was born in recognizing humanity’s growing need for healing.

Considering the possibility that our need to quarantine would be carried into late 2020 and 2021, Astrology for Healing was an inspiring idea to help others. At the center of the vision for this event was to create something that would extend goodwill into our communities, to small businesses that we care about in our astrology community that support healing and well-being, but also to organizations that support the masses that we see as an extension of the highest service in humanitarian efforts to support people at this time. Healing is realized through renewed faith in the present moment, sometimes through divine grace, and sometimes through the deep well of human compassion. Many astrologers know the road of healing from their own life experience that called them to astrology, this event is inspired to extend that healing and wisdom.

Astrologers have a unique voice to bring healing to those who turn their focus to its knowledge and wisdom. The Astrology for Healing giving event is putting intention into action, actions of the heart leading through example, acknowledging we are stronger as we celebrate the diversity of humanity.

Simply, together we create something new.

Thank you so much for supporting this event and vision. Our reach is extended with your participation.

Sincerest thanks,
Sarrah Christensen
Host of Astrology for Healing
November 2020

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