Astrology For Healing_Black

A virtual astrology Giving Event

March 20 - May 22

7 speakers

Together, we create something new

Astrology for Healing is an event inspired by the desire to support our communities and bring the wisdom of astrology to a world that needs our collective help in healing.

The past year has been incredibly difficult for small businesses where astrologers host local events and classes. Likewise, many organizations that support the wellbeing of the public have been forced to do more with less.

Astrology for Healing will gift 40% of the event net proceeds to local businesses and nonprofits that are struggling during the economic decline caused by the pandemic.

You may ask, “What IS a giving event?” Great question!

I’ve worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. Every year, large companies build teams of volunteers to help with community service projects and to raise money — lots of money — from employees, which is sometimes matched by the company.

These giving campaigns are often several weeks long and provided the opportunity for individuals to make their donations wherever they wish. It was my favorite time to be in the corporate world, because I enjoyed the philanthropic work we did. For example, I have fond memories of painting schools and daycares in my community during such events.

As the astrological community grows, we are amassing wealth in numbers unlike at any other time. I see the potential to align with the Aquarian humanitarian principles of this year, especially given the global situation after 2020.

So, last summer and fall, I went to work finding astrologers to join me in this philanthropic vision. Of course, I knew we would be successful because there exists in the astrological community an abundance of love and care that truly seeks to improve the world in which we live. I was confident there would be interest because these values are part of the identity of our community. It is why I truly love our tribe.

Thus, the Astrology for Healing giving event was born! Not only will it bring healing — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically — via applied astrology, but it will also extend our abundance into the community.

Naturally, it is a win-win to join together to learn from the best astrologers and gift 40% of the revenue to organizations that are helping and supporting others daily. Imagine if there were more events that included philanthropy as a core value of their mission!

Click to see the full list of our beneficiaries.

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As you can see — your attendance at this event really does matter! The beneficiaries (selected by each speaker) will receive 40% of the net revenue. Forty-percent is a significant number, especially when we reach attendance above 500, which will enable us to gift a total of $15,000+ (that’s over $2,000 for each organization)!

I plan to host the event with high transparency. I will happily, joyfully, share our progress as we move through the months, as I figure folks will join us along the way.

Will you help us realize this powerful impact by registering for the event today? Coming together will make a difference not only to attendees like yourself, but to those with whom we extend our financial abundance.

Please join me in imagining what is possible in our inaugural year of this annual giving event!

Thank you, truly.  You really are the change you wish to see in this world!

P.S. Feeling generous? Please contact me personally to make an additional donation to one of our astrologically-friendly businesses.

Samuel Reynolds

March 21
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Navigating Your Relationship with Planets in ‘Bad’ Houses

Gemini Brett

March 27
The Temple of the Living Sky

Juliana McCarthy

April 10
The Saturn-Uranus Squares of 2021: Rapid-Fire Maturity & Liberation

Tamira McGillivray

April 17
Creating a Sacred Space Using Local Space

Marie O'Neill

May 1
The Music of Saturn–Neptune Aspects: Their Duet in the Healing Journey

Michael Bartlett

May 15
Twelfth House Moon Rules!

Sarrah Christensen

May 22
Healing Perception, Thought, and Communication: Insights on the Journey of Your Progressed Mercury


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